Can You Fix This?

Color Correction at its Finest


Have you ever gone into a salon and asked, “Can you fix this? I really wanted pink tips but it didn’t work out so well at home.”


If so, then you’ve experienced a salon transformation. Transformations present themselves in many different ways in a hair salon. A transformation can be a whole new style such as going from shoulder length, layered hair to a ultra short, pixie cut. It can be starting with a traditional bob then updating the cut to the trendy one side shaved look.  A transformation can also be a change in color from blonde to crimson red.  A transformation can also be when a client comes to the appointment and wants the stylists to do a fix something, most likely to fix the color. This is called a color correction. Color correction requests have become very popular.

Twisted Scizzors Salon stylist Ashley Romanowski tells us, “Life changes such as starting a new job, having a baby, losing weight or breaking up are often events that bring on the desire for a transformation. Recently, we’ve been seeing a lot of transformation requests for color corrections. These can be challenging, depending on what was done at the original salon or at home, before the client came in. However the transformation takes shape, it’s always a fun process to take a client from something they don’t like, or something that doesn’t suit them anymore, to something they love.”

Transformations can be dramatic or subtle. Some are subtle and small, but make a big impact. Today we’re going to talk about color corrections. This is where a stylist is asked to fix hair coloring that didn’t go as planned, typically from a box color, or from a salon. Hair color is not always DIY friendly. Color corrections are one of the most popular request for transformations that stylists see.  Requests for color corrections have always been around, but moreso recently with the popularity and challenge of fashion colors.

Let’s jump right in and get to the bottom, or the fix, of the color correction. When Ashley has an appointment for color correction, it begins with a consultation.  A color correction consultation can take 15-30 minutes.  Honestly, the best way to get to the fix quickly, is to be truthful. Yes. I colored it myself. From a box.

Stylists hear it all the time. No need to worry. Stylists just need to know all the chemicals, treatments and such that were done to the hair to accurately determine coloring and processing method. So spill it. Tell them everything. Another must do for the color correction consultation is to bring pictures.  Pictures are the best way to assure you and the stylist are on the same page.

Ashley says, “This way, I have an understanding of what they see in the picture in their mind, because it can be challenging sometimes for clients to describe exactly what they want.”

Color corrections can take more than one appointment. Most clients want it fixed quickly. We get that.  Everyone wants their hair to look amazing, right? But sometimes it can take a few appointments in order to protect the hair from damage. It’s all based on what color the hair started with, what condition it’s in and what desired end result is. Hair should not be bleached or dyed too much in one appointment. Hair can get damaged very quickly.

“One client that came to me started with very dark hair. She had colored it from a box, then when her roots were coming in, she decided to go lighter. She used a bleach from a box bleach that she purchased at a drug store. Unfortunately when the hair was bleached, banding came through. It was not a good look,” said Ashley.

Ashley had to first make the client’s hair lighter and eliminate the banding from the old color. After the hair was significantly lightened and the banding problem resolved Ashley was then able to get it to the color the client wanted.

Another client came in with long curly hair that was already somewhat light in color. The client wanted the end result to be teal. In order for Ashley to do that, she had to first lighten it more until it was the color of the inside of banana peel. The second appointment was a few days later where Ashley was able to dye the client’s hair teal. The client was happy and another color correction was in the books.

No matter what kind of salon transformation you’re looking for, Ashley Romanowski at Twisted Scizzors Salon in Cary, NC can help.  Call to book your consultation today to find the exact look you want 919-303-7775.

Ashley Romanowski, Twisted Scizzors Salon