Deva Transformation Time

A Deva transformation means saying goodbye to shampoo for good, changing over to DevaCurl products and learning the best curl routine for your specific curls.  DevaCurl products that are made without sulfates, silicones and parabens. Sulfates help shampoos to lather and bubble, but they also strip the natural oils out of hair, leaving curly hair frizzy and dehydrated. Curls need hydration to be their best. Silicones leave a coating on hair that overtime leads to build-up that can weigh down curls. Parabens are preservatives that help keep away mold, bacteria and give the product a longer shelf life, but they can be drying and they can seep into our bodies. 

Once you start the transformation, it may take some time to master your curls. You will find though, that once you’re switched over to only Deva products and following your curl routine, your curls will be happier and healthier. They will bounce, spring and wave with much more pep than ever before. 

I’ve tried for years to style my wavy hair into curls with my regular products. I got very little wave or anything really except crunch. Last week, Ashley W taught me how to use Deva and my waves are now pretty and soft. I couldn’t be happier. I knew DevaCurl products worked on people with REAL curly hair, but I never knew it would work on ME!!

Karen C

There are lots of different products in the Deva line and they are specific to each curl texture: Wavy, Curly or Super Curly. Curls of any texture need hydration. It’s essential in your curl routine. 

Wavy Hair

For Wavy curls, cleansing and conditioning with Low-Poo Delight and One Condition Delight is what your curls need. Styling with Wave Maker and Ultra Defining Gel will help seal in moisture, control frizz, keep your waves soft, shiny and touchable. Zero crunch.

Curly Hair

If your curls are Curly, they’ll want cleansing and conditioning with No-Poo Original and One Condition to keep the most moisture around. There won’t be bubbles, but that’s ok. Less lather keeps the natural oils in for shiny, bouncy curls. Styling Cream and Light Defining Gel will keep your curls defined and touchable.

Super Curly Hair

For Super Curly hair, it’s best to cleanse and condition with No-Poo Decadence and One Condition Decadence for maximum moisture, silky soft curls and easy detangling. Style with Super Cream to shape, define and moisturize curls. Use DevaCurl’s Ultra Defining Gel to get that crunch free, strong hold that can last all day.

As you can see, the DevaCurl transformation is a big deal. It’s transforming for sure. It may even be a little confusing. But we’re here to help!! Have you heard about Curls Night Out on July 19th at Twisted Scizzors Salon? Click HERE for more info. It’s the perfect way to start your #DevaTransformation and get your #CurlQuestions answered.

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