The Hair You Dream About

Did you try to grow your hair out this year? It’s the perfect time. Lots of jobs are virtual, you’re not going as many places as usual, and you can hide your hair in a zoom meeting. Yay 2020! So you tried. It got to about your shoulders and you realized that it doesn’t look as thick and healthy as you were thinking it would. Instead, it’s scraggly, thin and limp. You want thicker, healthier looking hair. You want volume and thickness. We’ve been there. Our grown-out hair wasn’t the “long hair” we wanted either.
Whether your hair is fine, fragile, maybe even damaged, thinning or takes forever to grow, we found the fix…

Natural Beaded Row Extensions (NBR). I talked with Morgan Stevens, NBR Specialist at Twisted Scizzors Salon to find out more about the NBR extension method and the hair used in the method. It’s natural, soft, and lightweight. Sounds perfect!

NBR Extensions can easily add thickness, volume, and length. They are hand tied and don’t use any tape, heat or glue which makes it healthier for your natural hair because there won’t be any damage. Morgan uses ISLA Hair or Covet and Mane. Both are made from Remy, 100% natural hair, and are free from synthetics.

“NBR Extensions are completely customizable. I can color match it to a client’s natural hair. Color matching really helps the hair blend well. They look more natural than most other extensions.”

Morgan Stevens, NBR Specialist, Twisted Scizzors Salon

Another fun benefit of NBR Extensions is that you can wear your hair up. Whether it be up in a bun, top-knot or pony tail, you won’t see the track. Since they’re sewn in on a beaded row, they are seamless. That’s huge.

NBR Extensions take about three hours to install and you’ll have six to eight weeks of wear before they need to be moved up. Doesn’t this all sound wonderful? It’s time to get the hair you’ve always wanted. It’s time to have the hair you’ve always dreamed about.

Morgan at Twisted Scizzors Salon has extensive training in the NBR Hair Extension Method and can give you the gorgeous hair you desire. Learn if NBR Extensions are for you by clicking the link below

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