No Hairy Lollipops… Tips for Children’s Haircuts

The first time I took my son for a haircut, he screamed. He screamed when the cape pinched his neck. He screamed when the clippers buzzed by his ears.  And he cried in horror when his lollipop was covered in hair.

Hair. Encrusted. Candy. Yum!

Taking a child to get a haircut can be traumatic all around. Kids cry, parents cry. Sometimes even the stylists want to cry. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Ashley Weldner from Twisted Scizzors Salon in Cary, NC has been cutting hair for four years. She cuts and colors clients of all ages, but today we are talking to her about children’s haircuts.  Ashley has a certain knack for kids cuts and keeping kids calm. She is versed in all types of children’s haircuts such as fades, soccer player undercuts,  buzz cuts, faux hawk, bobs, layered cuts, pixie cuts and so much more. Ashley has a host of tricks that work for even the wiggliest child client and some tips for the an anxious parent too.

Ashley’s appointments usually starts with a consultation with the parent to find out what they want. Parents should bring pictures. Be honest with the stylist about how much time you want to put in to maintaining the style and how much product, if any, you want to use. It’s also important for the stylist to know any problem areas like cowlicks. Knowing the child’s lifestyle and activity level helps too. Once you give that info, it is best if parents find a seat in the waiting area of the salon. This is important. Many stylists say that having the parent standing or sitting next to the chair can distract the child or make the child more antsy. Give your child some space after you’ve told the stylist what you want.

Ashley likes to talk to the child during the cutting process. She makes sure to tell them about each step and which tool she uses so they know what she is doing. Some kids are scared of the sound of clippers, like my son. Boy I wish I took my little guy to Ashley for his first haircut. Ashley reviews things like this with the parent during the consultation. If clippers are a no go, Ashley can start with scissors and then use edgers which are much quieter. Same goes for washing a child’s hair. Some don’t like getting their head wet. At Twisted Scizzors Salon, a shampoo comes with a haircut. Many children are afraid that they’ll get soap in their eyes. Some don’t like to get their hair soaking wet. If that’s the case, Ashley can use a hand held sprayer to lightly dampen the hair.

Ashley tells us, “Sometimes I find if I get a child talking, they don’t move as much. I ask them about things they like to do. Kids can talk for hours about their Pokémon cards and American Girl Dolls. Others like to tell me about their pets or friends.”

A salon is full of new sounds such as hair dryers and clippers. It’s also full of movement and different voices all talking at once.  Kids like to look around at what everyone else is doing. Where is that noise is coming from? Why are those people walking by?

“I like to turn the chair around to face the busiest side of the salon so they can look at everything else that’s going on. Since little kids generally like to look around alot, this helps them stay focused in one area and they don’t move their head as much.”

If the child is too little and Ashley’s normal tricks aren’t working, a video game or phone comes in handy.

One of the most important parts of the haircut is teaching the child and or parent how to style and maintain the haircut. Ashley recommends that children wash their hair every other day unless they swim every day. If they swim, then hair needs to be washed daily to get the chlorine out.

What’s popular now? Boys are getting undercuts with a specific part line and a longer, styled top. Think soccer player hair. These styles usually require more styling and product. Matt Clay or Shaping Clay are great products from the Sexy Hair line that are used for styling. They help provide stronger holds and tend to stay in longer than gel products.

With boys’ haircuts, Ashley will “fade down” with clippers for undercuts. She leaves the hair longer on top and starts clipping with a #4 clipper, then uses a #3 and she’ll keep going until she has reached the desired length.

A good rule of thumb is to remember a #2 clipper is very short – it will show skin.

What’s popular for girls? Stylists are seeing all kinds of styles for girls. Lots of one-length styles that are good for braids and short, easy-to-care-for styles. Bobs are always popular.  Stylists are getting requests for pops of fashion colors and undercuts girls’ hair styles.

Ashley cuts hair for children with special needs as well. She has found it to be most successful when  parents speak up if a child does not like something or if the child has a sensitivity toward sounds, textures or feelings. All very helpful for the stylist to know so she can make sure the child is comfortable. There are certain times when the salon is less crowded if noise or crowds are a challenge. If the music is too loud, it can be turned down. Twisted Scizzors Salon is happy to make accommodations for our guests with special needs.

If you’re looking for a new stylist for your child’s haircut, Ashley Weldner is ready. I promise, there won’t be a hairy lollipop in sight. Just a great experience and a fabulous haircut.

To make an appointment with Ashley Weldner at Twisted Scizzors Salon, call 919-303-7775.

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